Call for papers

Submission Guidelines

The submission of proposals opens on 22 February 2017. Proposal categories include panels, individual presentations (oral or poster) and work-in-progress roundtable contributions.

Deadline call for papers: 15 April.
Communication decisions: 15 May.

The ALAPP conference policy is “one main oral presentation per author”. One may choose to submit more than one proposal, but normally only one proposal will be accepted for oral presentation. Any additional accepted proposals may be presented as poster(s) or by co-author(s).


Panels should address a common theme, theoretical topic or methodological area, and will be scheduled in session slots of 90 minutes. A panel proposal should include an overall description (of no more than 300 words) highlighting the panel’s content and objectives. Abstracts for individual papers in the panel (of up to 300 words each) are submitted separately, quoting the abstract-ID of the panel.

Individual papers

Proposals for individual papers (no more than 300 words) must clearly indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation by choosing the corresponding session type in the submission form. Following the peer review process, the organisers will determine whether a proposal is selected for oral or poster presentation. Poster presenters must be physically present to discuss their work during the dedicated sessions. Oral presentations will typically be scheduled in sessions of 90 minutes of three presentations, with 30 minutes (15–20 minutes for presentation + 10-5 minutes for discussion and 5 minutes for changing rooms) allocated to each individual presentation.

Work-in-progress roundtables

Proposals for work-in-progress roundtables should be no more than 300 words targeted at oral presentation. The roundtables will be in sessions of 90 minutes, with individual presentations lasting 30 minutes (15 minutes for presentation + ample time for discussion). This format is particularly suitable for early career researchers pursuing doctoral studies and for experienced researchers undertaking/planning pilot projects or interested in reporting preliminary results. The individual contributions should be listed in the roundtable abstract.